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Kana and Old Nua Monsters Bug





I have very strange bug.


I skip part of Level One Old Nua there Kana and hero had conversation. Now, after I returned to Old Nua quest is bugged. Conversation with Kana lead to endless XP bug. My hero (only him - not all party) getting more and more XP. 


More of that. Even If I go there without Kana - still have problems. Some monsters on Lvl 2 (Xaurip Priests as example) now became immortal. I kill them - but only red circles disappear. Monsters still walking and attacking my heroes. I think somehow game is broken.


I think reason - that I had bug with *errorName* Animal companion and my custom (hired) ranger character. After I dismissed my Ranger - in companion screen appeared blank white portrait. I have no idea how it is connected. But I think I need some help (




PS. I didn't use console but tried to open save file in WinRAR and delete lvl1 Old Nua from it (it helped then I have issue in Roedrick Keep). Level was recreated, monsters resurrected and resurrected Xaurip Priest still unbeatable. I try new tests tomorrow. If someone have ideas that caused that bug or will it be cured in next patch - I'll be waiting news.

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I installed new 1.04 Beta Patch and all mentioned above bugs just go away! It is just super cool. Thanks.

I thought maybe I will be wait until May and 1.05 before it will be ok )


PS. I prefer good game with bugs against bad game without them and PoE definitely very good (and have some bugs too).

Also it have great replayability. )

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