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  1. Thank you. It was my third attempt. And I don't have too much difficulties in Act I cause I know what to do already ) But if you compare Acts - then definitely Act I have most difficulties. You still don't have good equipment, your lvl is low and quests are few. Still it is just like good puzzle.
  2. I think it is not matter what class to choose. But it is matter who is playing. ) I personally don't try hard to kill Sky Dragon or Raedrick. Just few times. + I don't sure how good my build is. Maybe with some traps + potions it is doable or even easy with my char. But I already was lvl 12 and wanted to kill boss today.
  3. Hello all! First time I finished game in PotD + Hard with party and today I finished it with Fighter in Triple Crown Solo. After that I think I experienced game in full and can tell my thoughts. *SPOILER ALARM!* Setting. First of all. After so much time I glad to play to something so new and yet so familiar. It is really new setting, world, mechanics and ideas, but still all in Pillars resembles Infinity Engine games and it is very cool. I personally like this setting but think it must be deeper. More worlds or Planes or places. If it have only one Plane - and no Gods at all - it will be very shallow in my opinion. D&D was fun because you had large variety of monsters and worlds. Here we don't have demons and celestials, Negative Plane, Blood War, and etc. Only fake deities and real souls. For first game it is new and interesting ideas, but what about second and third game (we all waiting them I think). Characters. I personally like them all. Some of them more interesting, some of them less. 1. Durance From first dialogs I dislike Durance, but after some time I was interested in his story and start to like him. In the end he is most well written cahracter. His quest had very interesting ending and his personality really different from other companions. I think game must have more not good characters - evil, selfish, prejudiced, racists. It is bad things - yes. But still they happen in world. And it is fine then you can meet and travel with some of that types (just think about Valor, Ignus, Edwin, Viconia). 2. Aloth Really liked his personality and problems with Awakening. And it was very unexpected for me that he was in Leaden Key. And I like how he tell it to you after some time. You really feel his trust. Still his personal quest too short and easy. I wanted to meet more of his alter ago. (all party wanted it too) 3. Grieving Mother, Hiravias, Eder, Kana. Very good quests and characters. Still Eder have short quest without very interesting final. It is sad. Between them best quest have druid. Choice, good ending, nice dialogues. Still Grieving Mother quest is written very well too. Her quest just not very personal still and it is part of main plot. 4. Sagani and Pallegina. Nice characters but Sagani lack some charisma. She is dependable and nice, but still too common. Which is uncommon in party I think but still not very good. Pallegina is ok, but her quest is too short and without consequences in game. Story. Story is good and rich. Some of the twists was unexpected but I think it have lack of freedom after Act 2. Side quest are very good and I like them. They are really handmade and everyone have story. Stronghold. Is nice but if you build 25-26 upgrade you start to wander - why you doing this. I think it is nice to have stronghold but it will be better to have more events with it, some fame or title will be nice too + 2-3 quest with siege in the end. I mean it is too empty. Mechanics and Crafting I personally like it. Stats, skills and all things in balance. Maybe some problems with fast weapons without DR and some classes more damage dealers but it's ok. Crafting is nice, but for items I want to have ability disenchant them for simple magic items + more choice. Enchanting for helms and cloaks will be good too. Legendary weapons is too simple but have nice description. UI Very good and useful. One thing I want to add - weapon class in weapon description. It will be useful. Not all can have in memory that Flail and Estoc in one category and warhammers and two-handed swords in another. THIS IS NOT INTUITIVE! Bugs. They are plenty, and some of them are nasty but... Things happen and it is understandable. In the end. I really glad I made pledge for this game. It is on the same level like BG and NWN2. And I definitely want to see sequel (or prequel). Thank you!
  4. After some trials and errors I made it. Triple Crown Solo finished. I think this was most hardcore gaming experience in my live. Anyway it was fun. Strange but I don't feel very satisfied, maybe because after all it was pretty hard and I personally think it is unreal to do without save/load at all (pure Trial of Iron). Another reason - I wasn't able to kill anything in game. But manage to finish game without using bugs and exploits. It was my third run. First fighter died because of my mistake. Second fighter still was ok, but difficulty changed to easy in the middle of act 2 =\ My build was: Moon Godlike, - fast healing is very useful in solo run. Fighter, - I always wanted to do it like this class. Old Vailia. - you have Estoc with -5DR from the start. Might 16, Con 16, Dex 16, Per 6, Int 8, Res 15. Just wanted to have good stats without making Int and Per = 3. ) Weapon Focus - and all bonuses - for Adventure Class weapons (or simply for Estoc) Most difficult part of the game it is Act I. Before Caed Nua you must have belt fpr defence + Full Plate + Figurine + XP for lvl 4 or, better, 5. Last thing is possible but hard. Anyway if you have all of that + few scrolls fan of fire => you can go through Caed Nua without any problems. After most needed items in Act 2 is Rotfinger Gloves, Sanguine Plate, Ring of Wander and Cloak of Tireless Defender + all figurines you can get. After you have that - you can finish all the main and side quests in Act 2 without problems. In Act 3 actually was 2 quests I skipped. First was return of undead Roderick. I can kill him but cannot defeat bunch of Fampyres. It was't possible for me because I just run out of Health in the end. Same with Dragon in Hylea temple. Too hard (and not really needed for XP). Final boss wasn't easy and I needed to try different approaches to Thaos. Most of problems I had with Woedica Judje because of stunning but with figurines and some luck I manage to beat him, then another statue. After that Thaos was easy target. I just run my summoned monsters around him while he spent his spells and then attacked him. Still for Mage he have too much Deflection on him I think. But... It is PotD, and maybe it is ok.
  5. More of that! Now I started new game with new character and still Raiders attacking caravan is too few for PotD! Game stuck in Easy it seems. (
  6. Okay. It isn't funny. After my first character died on the 2/3 way to Triple Crown Solo it was sad but it was my fault. Now my game ruined because of bug. After I enter in Heritage Hill I encountered only 2 skeletons and after I check difficulty - it was set to EASY!!! But I started game in PotD! It cannot be changed at all. And I play honestly and don't have older saves, before bug. Today I tried change game to window mode - and from other threads I know it may be issue. And this issue is not fixable I think. Anyway such bug is just ruin all desire to try TCS again. It is hard. It takes much time. But it can just switch to Easy in one second and you must start all over. I'm very sad panda a.t.m. (
  7. Do not extract files, or delete something. Rename your savefile to savefile.zip. Open savefile with winrar and then you can rename files of in-game locations inside of winrar. It reset locations to original state (before you visit them). There is 2 files for every map. Then rename savefile.zip to savefile original name.
  8. Thanks. I just left this topic here in case someone had same issues. But I think after 1.04 released all will be ok )
  9. Hooray! I installed new 1.04 Beta Patch and all mentioned above bugs just go away! It is just super cool. Thanks. I thought maybe I will be wait until May and 1.05 before it will be ok ) PS. I prefer good game with bugs against bad game without them and PoE definitely very good (and have some bugs too). Also it have great replayability. )
  10. Screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9axp2hz6wimqv09/1.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/o7a1nf49ltskrz2/2.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ucjufcnu9th4507/3.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/fxjb68r1fo17ucf/4.jpg?dl=0
  11. Hello! I have very strange bug. I skip part of Level One Old Nua there Kana and hero had conversation. Now, after I returned to Old Nua quest is bugged. Conversation with Kana lead to endless XP bug. My hero (only him - not all party) getting more and more XP. More of that. Even If I go there without Kana - still have problems. Some monsters on Lvl 2 (Xaurip Priests as example) now became immortal. I kill them - but only red circles disappear. Monsters still walking and attacking my heroes. I think somehow game is broken. I think reason - that I had bug with *errorName* Animal companion and my custom (hired) ranger character. After I dismissed my Ranger - in companion screen appeared blank white portrait. I have no idea how it is connected. But I think I need some help ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/2purxwo8yzi3onh/Broken%20Dungeons.savegame?dl=0 PS. I didn't use console but tried to open save file in WinRAR and delete lvl1 Old Nua from it (it helped then I have issue in Roedrick Keep). Level was recreated, monsters resurrected and resurrected Xaurip Priest still unbeatable. I try new tests tomorrow. If someone have ideas that caused that bug or will it be cured in next patch - I'll be waiting news.
  12. Hello! If you speak about Temple in Defiance Bay - it is doable in pacifist way for Godlikes too. I play Godlike in my hard game - and already did this part peacefully. You need Woedica Hood in INVENTORY. It is important. Not on the head of your companion. In your inventory. Then if you go to the door dialog pop-up. In dialog you can choose wear the hood even if you Death Godlike (my case). PS. I think on PotD it works same.
  13. Hello again. Still PotD Solo and still kicking. Fighter Lvl 4) Finished Caed Nua. Most hard part of it - phantoms. They really too strong. Stunlocked my poor fighter on every hit. Even with max deflection + freeze Def. Anyway tips for entrance: you don't need kill everything. Just enough to carve path to entrance. With some fast bow (Fine war bow for me) I just shoot and run enemies. Hard part - is entrance. You cannot run and you must fight with 1 shadow + 4-5 phantoms. I had horn with summon and 4 scrolls of flames. + you can take Memories of Yenwood 1h sword nearby before this fight. Next step (repeated 10-12 times): You lure enemies to chokepoint - and hide behind your summoned animat. Then you cast fan of flames. Then you cast them until you have them. Animat is your shield and very important not to hit him with fire (or phantoms just kill you - because you can't dodge their attack). In the end - if some phantom still alive - you can use Memories of Yenwood (I made it fine) and kill it. In my case one of the phantoms became non-hostile somehow and returned to his place. I killed him later. Next step - dungeon with spiders. I tried to sneak past them (failed). More of it. I've made very stupid mistake. I was clumsy and instead of loading previous game - saved it. In the middle of room. In time then on the spiders already detected me (but before fight). I was in bad armor for that fight and with wrong weapon and without summons. Still after some time I figured next thing. I cannot hit pause before battle - battle starts too fast. But if I hit escape not space - it worked and from bottom menu I can switch to inventory and change my weapon and armor. Now it became simplier and I just kill every hostile spider (strange bug - even after I killed 2 rooms of spiders in on battle - it did't stop. Some spider in 3rd room became hostile too but don't attack me. After some time battle not ended and i was forced to kill third room of spiders too.) Now Maerwald. It was easy. Just enter - speak with him and run out of the door. Summon my animat. Maerwald somehow kill 2 of his own summons. Run from maerwald before he is out of spells. After that Envenomed strike and finish! Stronghold is taken and i'm still lvl 4 ) I hope it help someone )
  14. Hello. I still stuck on first levels. Try different builds for solo run (Mostly fighters). Most successful build so far - fighter before patch with summon item already bought for 600gp ))) Stats: Might 16 Cons 14 Dex 14 Per 16 Int 3 Res 15. Race - Human. And yes, my fighter is dumb. ) Anyway I think i need few tips how to move on - before stronghold. From my experience: You can level up by quest in Gilded Vale a bit. Like Against a Grain + Late for Dinner. + You can finish blacksmith quest very easy if you lure trolls to bandits and help them all to kill each other. Temple is still pretty hard for me (
  15. No luck for me. But I find another workaround. All thing happen in the stronghold with animal of my custom hireling-ranger. I just switch this ranger on another character. Still one bad thing about it - in companion choice window now is added white portrait and instead of name - *ErrorName*. Animal companion had ErrorName too after this bug. After I rerecruit my Ranger animal problem still here + recruitable white portrait still there. But I can move between areas and it is good news.
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