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  1. I did post what I could in my own forum thread, which got no responses. I attempted to follow those steps, but couldn't, so I put them in a dropbox file and linked that instead. I've been hoping to hear back. I did try the IE mod, but couldn't get it to even activate in game. Was as if I had never installed it. As for the Shrouded Woman, I do not remember well. It was a week ago that I discovered the issue, and many hours of gameplay before that when I should have encountered her. I wish I could be of more help. I am not playing a godlike - just a wood elf rogue. In the meantime, I'm back playing Diablo 3. Would rather play PoE, but the thought of restarting a game when I have a fun rogue going just makes me kinda sad Aside from this glitch though, the game is quite outstanding. amender posted a work-around for the bug in this thread
  2. savegame - http://www.filedropper.com/8f651e16-1c91-4339-85f8-44c4922b2eaeautosave log - http://www.filedropper.com/outputlog_2 IEmod lets you complete quests, not merely advance them. It just doesn't seem to work all the time. I don't see any capability to start new quests. To be clear, I got the hood as a firegodlike, didn't realize there was also a necessary passphrase and thought fighting was the only option after I was discovered as a spy. I can't fully recall if there was a dialogue after the fight, as I mentioned I played for quite a while afterwards, but I'm gonna say no. this worked. it totally reset the temple of woedica and i went through it the non-violent route. thank you so much!(the savegame I uploaded is before I tried this fix)
  3. were you also experiencing the phantom bug that I mentioned, and did you also kill everyone in woedica instead of getting the hood and learning the passphrase?
  4. I'm stuck on "Investigate the Leaden Key's activities" part of the main quest Never Far from the Queen I killed everyone in the temple or woedica(I've searched the entire place 10x over, checked guides I wasn't missing any place), rather than getting the hood and learning the pass-phrase. I never got a vision afterwards, and the quest never updated. If I had to guess I would say it might be because of another bug I was experiencing where my chanter's summoned Phantom stopped despawning after combat ended and acted just like another party-member for a while. It started despawning after combat again but I noticed that every single map that I visit had a phantom spawned in a random spot that is stationary, can't be controlled, but enemies will attack if they are brought to the area it spawns. Thinking it was some weird interaction with this bug I figured out I can just kill the phantom and it won't show up anymore, but the main quest still doesn't update. I played many hours after the temple not realizing that something was wrong, have no saves before that point. Also I tried AdvanceForceQuest console command with IEmod but I seem to only be able to advance the sidequests and such, not the main one. attach file refuses to work - http://postimg.org/image/h628zcltv/
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