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Feedback- one thing I dislike in stats mechanic

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I dislike and do not agree with Resolve and Perception giving Deflection bonuses. Yet I disagree even more with Perception and Resolve giving minuses to Deflection when below 10.


What I mean is: there are some defense stats like Fortitude, Will etc. that are strictly "mind/personal" depend. What I mean is I understand how high resolve can make person more strong willed and understand how good perception can rise ones reflex (you see more, you react faster, you are less to be supprised) or interrupt abilities (you see where to strike).


However, Deflection is stat that is primary physical stat. PHYSICAL. That means that in no way high perception or resolve can make your skin thicker, your bones hareder and your shield move faster (that be Dexterity much MORE) or your wound threshold higher.


Deflection should be stat ONLY depending on gear, like armor, like shield, like magical barriers/items.


Deflection is SO important stat in game that I feel is too important.


Also I do not understand why Deflection is affected BY TWO separate stats that have nothing in common (perception and resolve are totaly different traits) while Damage or Reflex or Healing are affected by only one stat.


I dislike Deflection mechanic and its stats affection. That is all. I love rest stat distribution. Cheers.

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