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I'm well on my second playtrough, I'm running around doing different stuff in the city, and it seems I'm looking at the loading screen every few seconds. WTF? 


The maps are small, houses are smaller... is it really necessary  to load 100 times in few minutes? Enter X-LOAD-go upstairs-LOAD-go downstairs-LOAD-go outside-LOAD-exit map-LOAD-enter keep-LOAD-exit keep-LOAD-exit map-LOAD-enter house-LOAD-exit house-LOAD-enter inn-LOAD. 


And it takes like 5-15 seconds every time. Not to mention the situation with resting in stronghold.


Really, I struggle to remember the last game where I spent so much time waiting. Please change it, do... something. It is really, really annoying.  

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do you have the latest patch installed


Yep. Not better.


A slight decrease in loading time and removing the loading screens when entering houses/inns/second floors would do wonders for this game. This is not a problem when you're out in the wilderness or in large dungeons, but my God, everything else is such a thrill-killing chore. 

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