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Hello !!!!


Here is a list of Suggestions for further game improvement :) :


+Steam Workshop


+++BETTER SORTING IN INVENTORY + SHOPS !!!! (auto regroup items by name / type (pistols, spears, sword, 2H 1H...same for armors....)


+in game Portraits modification / download / creation (based on the 3D model or anything else)


+Respec (talents and abilities)


+More crafting + skills in it + possibility to set up commercial roads with cities from your fortress 


+More Side missions / actions thanks to your fortress such as: 

       *commercial relations 

        *tournaments organisation (in you city)/ participation (in other cities) (playable with one of your caracter or team of it + auto resolve choice )  

        *Side quests (playable with one caracter / Team of caracters (= interesting way to level up custom low level adventurers) / or still auto resolve )


+Bug report option IN GAME or When crashing : with direct link with devs and possibility to send automaticly the Report files / folder



+enchanting helmets




Feel free to comment, add ideas and so on !!!


to the players : Have a good game,


To the Devs : Keep it up !! really nice job again !


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