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  1. Hello !!!! Here is a list of Suggestions for further game improvement : +Steam Workshop +++BETTER SORTING IN INVENTORY + SHOPS !!!! (auto regroup items by name / type (pistols, spears, sword, 2H 1H...same for armors....) +in game Portraits modification / download / creation (based on the 3D model or anything else) +Respec (talents and abilities) +More crafting + skills in it + possibility to set up commercial roads with cities from your fortress +More Side missions / actions thanks to your fortress such as: *commercial relations *tournaments org
  2. Hello ! All is in the title nothing special done in the game during crashes, it just happens in chain since 2 days. im using a steam version always up to date. (maybe there was a patch recently...) Please find in the link below my last crash reports (thanks to enable us to send it directly or please enable us to send this kind of files directly to you after a crash... make it more convenient please... im always ready to help, but at least make it easy thanks in advance) http://www.filedropper.com/pillarsofeternitycrashreports or <a href=http://www.filedropper.com/p
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