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Exploit or not-also does might have any impact on chants?

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So something i have come across while playing my chanter is that the dragon thrashed the dragon wailed (level three chant) applies nice DOT on enemies in the aura. I was thinking how i could maximise my damage and was looking at my combat log and realised that the damage from the chant isnt continuous, it applies at the start of the chant and continues even if you are stunned or switch chants. Furthermore I found that the dot can stack if the previous DOT is still active when you begin a new chant.


So to test a theory I made two chants, one called 'here there be dragons', one called 'double dragon' and I found that when you switch chants the DOT duration reduces so that you cant stack it, so you cant do unlimited damage, however you can recast instantly if you miss which reduces the luck factor of combat by quite a lot. IE you can guarantee that your opponent is suffering from it.


Another thing ive noticed is that the damage from it seems to be entirely unaffected by might at least so says the tooltip. I mean seriously? is there anything at all that affects chants? if might doesnt affect their damage and int doesnt affect their duration then is there ANY POINT AT ALL in getting these attributes? i mean seriously?


Im really hoping this si just poor labelling but i have 18 might and the tooltip reads the same. 


Can anyone confirm if might has an effect on this spell?


Checking the combat log reads that a normal hit does 40 fire and 40 slash damage over 12 seconds. this is with 5 int and 18 might. Soooo if im understanding this right there is basically nothing at all you can do to affect your chants, which makes int only useful for its range and might pretty useless too.Im trying not to rant here but if this is all true then in makes chanters fall outside the game rules that every other class follows...

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Seems it's just a tooltip/combat log error as is a pretty common happenstance in the game at the moment. I had two chanters, one with 20 MIG, other with 10 MIG and each had one identical enemy in the area of the chant respectively. 20 MIG chanter always did more damage and killed enemy first so it seems that MIG does indeed affect the damage. Miss/Graze/Hit/Crit only affected the duration of the DoT, no change to dmg per tick. For example, the 20 MIG chanter still did more damage with a graze than the 10 MIG chanter did with a crit. Multiple chants seem to stack both from switching chants with one chanter and having multiple chanters. If you switch chants or stop chanting, duration of the DoT will be reduced to the duration of the linger duration (modified by 0,5x for graze, 1,5x for crit). INT bonus applies to the lingering effect, but not the initial duration of the DoT (6s for graze, 12s for hit, 18 for crit). So you should be able to stack the DoT 4 times per chanter if you get crits with the rolls and have high INT. So you could potentially get up to 24 of them going on with 6 Chanter party which is pretty ridiculous amount of DoT damage. Stacking to about 10 with 5 chanters in the party seems more reasonable though as you can't really crit all the time unless you buff up your accuracy massively. 

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