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Encampment - Combat not ending if you pull wolves to carvan



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I have encountered something similar during Backers Beta in Skaen temple. It's indeed still present in game. So if it's helpfull below is another situation with the endless combat state bug:


[, linux, GoG]


How to reproduce in Skaen temple:


1. Make a peacefull deal with Wymund in Skaen hideout, wythout killing beetles in an adjacent cave.

(the easiest is to enter from Dyrford crossing with character with high Mechanics and reach Wymund as soon as possible)


2. Lurk a beetle from the cave (behind the wall opened by lever) into the main chamber with Wymund's party, so it's closest target is one of the skaenites.


3. When the beetle reaches skaenites, it should attack them so they join the combat.


4. After the death of beetle, game stays in combat mode (action animation) with action icons over the heads, without player's and Wymund's parties being hostile towards each other.

5. I'm not aware how to end this state other then kill Wymund's party or reload.



Additional notes:

The bug happens regardless if the player's party intervenes in the fight (doesn't matter who lands the killing blow). However, when the beetle is lurked into the main chamber and targets only player's party members during the whole combat, the skaenites will not join the fight and the combat ends normally. So probably,  the only condition, which is needed for the endless combat bug to trigger, is that the beetle attacks a skaenite making them to join the fight.


Other notable is that when one tries the same lurking approach on the other end of cave, the resulting combat between the beetle and ordinary skaenite NPCs ends normally without an issue. Even when the player's party doesn't intervene at all. Also the ordinary skaenites seem to attack the beetle on sight compare to static Wymund's party.


Accompanying screenshots:



Endless combat mode in the main chamber (note Kana's chanting long after the beetle's death):



The proper end of the combat state in the other room with ordinary skaenites:







Is it possible that this issue is specific to important neutral NPCs with scripts/conversations?  Perhaps those which are triggered by party approach and/or may resolve into the combat?




@flamewavelight, I guess this goes the same for the wolves stituation?



Perhaps similar bug (another encounter):


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