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Add an accuracy (+-1 per point away from 10) bonus/penalty to both perception and resolve.

Double the constitution endurance bonus/penalty (while leaving the current health bonus/penalty alone).


I'd also set the minimum attribute we can choose to 8 or 7, but that's something we can just choose to do or not do on our own.

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That would make tanks too op, accuracy is too good to tie to an attribute


I think constitution would work better with a small flat per level number like classic d and d instead of a %. As long as you balance the amount around how health and endurance work it would be fine and make each bonus and penalty mean something


I completely agree about minimum stats. Having 20s in your main stats is by no means required and letting people dump things to 3 is just silly

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I said this another thread, but I think it bears repeating:


While I agree the attributes could be much better, removing accuracy from the system was the best thing they've done so far. Even with the changes made to damage modifiers, if you add accuracy back into the mix it becomes a must have stat, regardless of the character concept. In fact, I can't think of a character archetype where maxing accuracy wouldn't be the most optimal choice.

A CC wizard? Max Accuracy
A tanky fighter? Max Accuracy
A supporting chanter? Max Accuracy
A DPS Rogue? Min Accu... Of course you'd max Accuracy! :p

Again, this not to say the current attribute system is perfect, but I'm certain adding accuracy back into the mix would only make things worse.

"Wizards do not need to be The Dudes Who Can AoE Nuke You and Gish and Take as Many Hits as a Fighter and Make all Skills Irrelevant Because Magic."

-Josh Sawyer

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While I agree the attributes could be much better, removing accuracy from the system was the best thing they've done so far.


I disagree because currently we have:


A tanky anything: Max Per, Res, and possibly Con (it doesn't really matter that much)

Everything else: Max Str, Dex, and Int


It would be better to make Con matter more, and for Per and Res to also be dps stats.

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I agree with Daemonjax. For pure DPS characters, perception, resolve, intelligence and constitution are largely dump stats currently. With accuracy thrown-in, there'd be real tension between the attributes and that would open the road for some dilemmas. For example, accept a lower DPS for a better chance to land non-damage crowd-control spells.

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I'm very unimpressed with the whole of combat in PoE and even more with how awful the attribute system turned out to be.

But I have to admit that the way they handled accuracy is both original (to my knowledge) and beautiful. One has to keep in mind that accuracy is not just chance to hit, as in most games. Is both hit *and* crit. The higher the different to the target's deflection, the bigger the chance to get criticals is. It's a fantastic way to keep accuracy relevant beyond the necessary "minimum required" and not make it a total waste above that point.

So it is rather clear that ANY class would benefit immensely from godly amounts of accuracy. Thus it's a bad idea to associate an attribute with it.


The whole other system is rather misguided though, with the muscle wizards and closet-built priests and whatnot.

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Making every 2 points in perception/dex effect the hit table by moving up/down the glance/hit  table by 1 point


default I think is below 50 glance above 50 hit.


with 20 dex and 10 perception it would become below 45 glance above 45 hit.

It would however not effect miss/crit table.


So in theory a char with 1000 DEX would never get a glancing hit... they either hit hard or miss.

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