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Skills to focus on for party members? survival useful on non-PC?

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I'm wondering how I should aim my skill-setup to be for the party, but these skills are a bit all over the place in terms of their use it seems...


Mechanics is invaluable - so im running one companion as my expert lockpicker/trapmaster. dont see any reason to have this on the PC.


Lore is nice for conversations (and the occational scroll use, even though I'm not such a huge fan of relying on consumables too much),so im running that as my PC's area of expertise.


but the rest...?


Everyone needs like 2, maybe 3 points into athletics, but beyond that there seems to be little point as it starts to scale so badly, and by then you kind of have all the stamina you need between rests anyway... that's not many points spent.


Stealth, everyone should maybe have 1-2 points just for basic "just exploring" stealth ability I guess, but again - that's a trivial amount of your overall points. I guess its nice for the main tank to have decent stealth to get good positioning easier before a battle, but the rest don't really need stealth I think


and finally - survival... I know it has some dialogue options, but that's ONLY if the PC has the skill at a decent level right? Is there any real reason to have this at a high level on a companion? Are there are sequences where you get to use companions high survival skill to your advantage? If not then the extra cunsomable durations seem fairly trivial (and seeminly scale even more poorly after the first few levels...)


Any advice? Especialyl about the stuff regarding survival on a companion. Between my PC, Aloth and Eder I kind of already have all the bases covered I feel - including scouting/stealth (on Eder). Just wondering if there is any appreciable reason to run survival on Durance (he'd fit the theme for sure). It's not really like I have anything else important to use the points on but...



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Once you have your basics covered, I'd put the rest on Athletics. A high score helps with fatigue when travelling between areas, so less resting required. At the very least I'd have a high Athletics character for climbing and stuff.


I suppose that some Stealth would be useful if you're into burglary. Not sure if a single stealthy character is enough for that purpose, or how the whole thing works.

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Once everyone in the party has Athletics 3, I almost never have to actually rest due to fatigue, although there's a pretty high likelihood once you're higher level and your first couple levels of spells go from per rest to per encounter, you'll be able to sustain much better and it'll become a thing again. Dunno as I've been rerolling so much that I have yet to get level 9 in a group lol.

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I've found a higher score quite noticeable, though I'm running a melee-heavy party, so I don't have to rest too often in order to replenish spells.


Anyway, I don't claim it's spectacular, just better than the alternatives in my experience.

Oh yeah, if your party is completely made of people without per-rest abilities, you'd be resting mostly to replenish health or due to fatigue, yeah.

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