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[BUG] Highest Mechanics Party Member Will Always Booby-Trapped Open Container Even Though Trap is Undetected



EDIT: OMG TITLE IS WRONG. Should be: [bUG] Highest Mechanics Party Member Will Always Open Booby Trapped Container Even When Trap is Undetected.



1. Have entire party selected.

2. Find a container with a trap but DON'T scout for it(leave the trap undetected).

3. Keep the highest mechanic stat party member the furthest away from container out of all party members.

4. Open container with the entire party still selected.


The origin of this problem is the very nifty feature that automatically sends the best party member for the job(highest mechanics) to disarm a trap. However, even if you didn't detect a trap on a container, the game will send said party member anyways.


Unfortunetly for me, one of my squishiest party members is also my trap disarmer and he instantly died. I didn't save because I just got done with a boss fight so I was really excited for the loot. I don't feel like going through the boss fight again so i'm just gunna continue on.


I use the gog version.

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You should just select the one you want to open the chest manually then.

I understand that. This solution you say defeats the purpose of the added feature. I should of clarified I'm not asking for help, I am just reporting something that wasn't intended by the devs.

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