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Cut material in expansions?

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Is anyone else listening to the developer commentary? I just got to Elms' Reach, and the commentary from Jorge Salgado is talking about a cut area called -- I didn't catch what he called it exactly -- "The Wheel of Light", maybe?


It was going to be a mystic forest cemetery where Glenfathan ancestors are laid to rest, and you would have communed with their by means of a dose of hallucinogenic mushrooms.


[er, I can post about things in the no-spoiler section that are not in game, right?]


Anyway, with the dev team apparently leaping straight into the expansion, what are the chances that we'll see this cut material show up later? Or will the expansion be too much of a different storyline to incorporate areas and quests that were originally planned for the main game?

DID YOU KNOW: *Missing String*

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Interesting.I'd like to see this mystery forest in the second or third expansion~

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