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Crossbow and Arbelest animation bugged



After the recent patch the crossbow and arbelest animations are bugged. The character doesn't correctly hold the crossbow after a shot is taken.  Correct holding animation. 



See the bugged holding animation below.


Also the  arbelest reloading animation is bugged. The crank remains after the first reload and the character just goes through the animation, but the hand crank is not used. This has happened after the recent patch. I'll upload a picture as soon as I get an arbelest. 

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Some pictures of the arbalest (hold-wall currently being used) with its bugged reload animation. 

Correct idle animation 



And here's the bugged animation with the hand crank still remaining after a reload (seems to happen sometimes when swapping weapons before reloading or just swapping a weapon).




Look close as its kinda hard to see, but you can still see the crank handles are still visible even after reloading. This also causes the reload animation to bug as well causing the character to not use the handles. They go through the animation, but the handles are bugged or not synced properly so they just sit there. 

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