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Question about common pantheon on Eora

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Since i finished the game today i wonder about one point in the conclusion and lore (major spoiler following):



After the engwithan created the gods, referring to Iovara their missionaries started to spread the pantheon among people. But referring to Update #57 their advancements were just focused on soul manipulation, mathematics and architecture while their knowledge were lacking progress in other areas (esp. metallurgy and "any other fields"). How did they manage to spread the pantheon of the gods to the present-day colonial nation's ancestors (Old Vailia and esp. Aedyr Empire) without the necessary technology to cross the high seas (like the aedyre carracks)?


They didn't just take a blind shot, went westwards and were lucky enough to survive, right?



Well, maybe i'm just questioning the lore too much... ;)

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The Vailian Republics are just another (former) colony like Dyrwood. Even Old Vailia (which is located far to the south) didn't exist during the Engwithan Empire and is located several thousand miles southwest of the Eastern Reach, probably on the same "old world continent" like Aedyr.


As far as i can tell (referring to Kana), they had contact to cultures in the Rauatai Gulf which they influenced. And it's safe to assume they also had contact to other "neighbouring" cultures (on the same continent), e.g. the Ixamitl plains.

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