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So i think my triple crown run be ruined by ai freezing. I mean its not stopping me playing but its turned what were two crazy challenging fights into hitting target dummies. Which while great for making thinks easy is not great for the perfect triple crown run. Has anyone else encountered this, i posted in the tech forum but no-one has yet replied.Im not going to start all over again with the exact same build so i guess ill wait till this is fixed but i was having fun so its pretty annoying. Im gonna play my non ironman non solo run till its fixed.

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I have met this bug couple of times, i just loaded a previous save game and/or restarted the whole game. These seemed to fix it for me atleast

I restared my game and it seems to be fixed for now. I feel guilty though because I killed a really hard group of mobs and they didnt even try to hit back, got sanguine armor for free. Im on trial of iron so reloading isnt really much of an option for me.

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