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user created rogue not lockpicking after patch




In short, after patch 1.03 my user created rogue cant lockpick anymore, i tried to reroll a new one but i got the same issue.

Basically now im a bit stuck cause i cant find a workaround, i tried to spec other chars for lockpicking but they are not yet enough high to avoid the problem.


i was reading the forum to search about this issue, ive found this topic https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75207-cant-interact-with-locks-after-patch/?hl=lockpick, which anyway seems not to address the lockpicking issue at the end.


System Specs

win7x64 - 16gb - radeon 7770

game client from GOG.com (wich i know could put online patches slower then steam)


Thx, the game is amazing anyway

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wasnt there a hotfix after the patch for that? have you downloaded it?

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PIllars of eternty (PtoD) 2nd playtrough: 88h 30 m (main Bleak Walker Paladin, Eder, Barbarian, Monk, Rogue (ranged) Cypher(wand)
(not counting reloads and experimenting)
status i love the game, hate the bugs, and wish for better AI and Pathfinding


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