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Defiance Bay factions question.

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Hi I have a question concerning Defiance Bay factions.

I read that each faction grant you access to special traders(I would assume that each sells different items)I tried google and the search function here but was unable to find any information about these items.

Is there any faction that I should take bases on what items I want or my party composition?


BTW my PC is a barbarian

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I aligned myself with the Crucible Knights, but managed to get in good enough with The Dozen (the adventurers' group) to get access to their arms trader as well.  Don't know about the crime family, because for whatever reason, I never visited them.  Maybe I'll try and go back and check them out, though since I'm fully aligned with the Knights, they may not want anything to do with me.

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as long as you aren't aligned with any faction you can do the following:


do the first quest each faction gives you, this doesnt prevent you from joining another faction but gives you access to their merchant.

I did this on my playthrough but can't remember any huge differences in their item selection, so I'd say you don't miss out on TOO much, but still it is better to do those quests before aligning, since it also gives you more XP

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