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I just got the best arbalest in lvl 10 Endless Path ( Aedrin's Wrecker) and is already 9/12 enchanted . I can slap an elemental damage or a mob type damage ( except kith that take 4 slots). Is there a particular elemental damage that is more usefull ? ( except fire that i get from chanter phrase). Should i get corrode? or freeze?

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I think the general consensus is that the best 2 choices are:


Corrode: because fairly few enemies tend to have very high resistance to it - so it is reliable


Fire: Because although some enemies have high fire resistance, some enemies (a lot of the undead/vessel types for example, which you seem to come across fairly often) are very vulnerable to it.


So the choice depends on how much you value consistency (and how much you hate certain enemies - I know a lot of people get frustrated with Shadows and the like and wouldn't mind extra firepower against those sorts of enemies). If unsure, stick with corrode. Can't really go wrong with that I feel.



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on the corrode side... ogres and trolls have severe weakness to corrode, also most skeletal enemies, stone beetles, and all sporelings.

so it's definitely a good one to have, as some of those are pretty tough enemies at level. 

that said, all the elements have their time and place.  cold is extremely good against blights, especially combined with crushing.  also against drakes, and at least one dragon...

still, if you only plan to go for a single element binding, corrode is the winner IMO.  shock is the loser, with only animats being weak to it, and you do not want to use it on most of the dragons.  so... corrode>fire>cold>shock, if you're going on a weakness/resistance ratio across all creatures, though there are definitely some creatures that you will want to have a cold weapon for.

handy guide:


match those up to creature groups so you can figure what slayer mod to add:



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Does fire damage from paladin flame of devotion and chater song stack with weapon enchant? Because if it is then fire is best choice for these options.




For example mob have 5 fire resist and 2 corrode.


Base damage 40, fire chant add 10 fire, weapon enchant 10 fire or corrode (numbers not exact and maybe wrong, but you get idea).


If we use corrode enchant it is 10-5=5 fire damage and 10-2=8 corrode damage, total 13.


If we use fire enchant it is 10+10-5=15 fire damage.

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you know, I'm not actually sure.  I'll try to pay attention next time I hit something with my paly.

I'm leaning towards yes.

for sure chanter song stacks with paladin fire, I just saw that.

not so sure about the fiery lash stacking with chanter song though.

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i've looked and looked, and frankly, it's really hard to tell if all three (lash, paladin fire, and chanter fire) stack at the same time.

there's enough variability to wash out anything short of listing damages dozens of times for each configuration.  that said, on a non crit I saw 55 fire damage from my paly as a maximum, which suggests all three damages do stack.  but I wouldn't be my life on it or anything.


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It's not that hard to have one weapon set enchanted with corrode for general-purpose, and another with fire for ghosts, plants, and other fire-vulnerable things. More fun that way. "Okay everyone, get out your ghost-buster gear!"


Of course, half the time I forget to switch. But it usually isn't fatal, since both are pretty good. I use spells when I need cold damage.

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I just wish the various +elemental damage talents applied to the different elemental lash enchantments. :(

"Wizards do not need to be The Dudes Who Can AoE Nuke You and Gish and Take as Many Hits as a Fighter and Make all Skills Irrelevant Because Magic."

-Josh Sawyer

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the most important enemies... to you.


which, btw, are also affected by corrode, just not as much.  so you're only talkign a few points of diference in most cases.


The only important enemies weak to Corrode are Ogres.

The important enemies weak to Fire are Shades, Phantoms, Spectres, Fampyr and the Sky Dragon.

And on Path of the Damned, we are talking about QUITE a few points in most cases.

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