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Cipher bonus Int AoE working intermitently



Hello again,

As per norm, I've just noticed an issue that might have been happening to me for a long time; the AoE bonus area provided by int modifiers on my cipher's abilities seems to work only occasionally. In fact, I thought this area was part of the red circle itself up until I noticed that sometimes I got a yellow circle surrounding it (as it is usual in the other classes) and sometimes I didn't. 
This difference happens while casting the same skills -so not an ability issue- and can vary within the same fight.
I don't have pictures right now, but I'll upload some as soon as it happens again.


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Yes, this is a issue since the game launched, was hopping they would fix in 1.03 but they didn't.


In the meantime you can right click the abilities and the yellow bonus from int should appear, but you need to do this every time you load the game.

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