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I very like this game, realy:) But game attributes logic was maded by botans, who decided to prove that they do not need sports to beat someone face:)


1. One "Might" for physical and magic strength. Ok, let's say a wizard should hard squeeze the buttocks during casting spell. Ok then - suppose that he could trained his buttocks in the library so that it can bite Prybar. But there is a small problem - the sword not hold by the buttocks and sitting on a stool - there are important back, shoulders, arms, press, and on his legs firmly stand would be nice :) But this, by the way, i can forgive to Botans, as yet different classes and talents to give a tangible difference, so damn with it, the power "two in one".


2. Dexterity. And here we are not able to explain it except conspiracy Botans. Deflection. Ok, I agree that in order to parry it should be sensed and the "perception" there must be; "resolve" have reasons too - he must not pull the cat's bells. But gentlemens/ladies, no matter how sensitive is Botan, in addition, he need  the body to do this  and it should be to realize accurately, quickly and efficiently - and so I want to listen to the explanation about why Dexterity does not affect the Deflection. Well and at the same time the accuracy of too, I agree to the range/mili accuracy at one attribut Dex:)


Well, so do not get up twice:)


a) Accuracy with non one weapon style. 1_lvl figter 1.03patch. Why one sword accuracy =48, "sword+sword" accuracy =36+36 but "sword+medium shield"=32? Think you sword with shield need more coordination rather two sword, realy? Or "sword+sword" and "sword+dagger" is equivalently? Especial it is funny by "spear+spear":)

b) Hatched. How?! How have it Deflection bonus? He no have guard even.

This is a short examples but problem are bigger. I think you need rebalance in weapons bonuses and no_one_weapon accuracy. I think need attributes rebalance to Dexterity (Accuracy+Deflection). I think skills need corellations with attributes too, like Perception on "Search traps".


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