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  1. I was looking forward for those effects, animated 2d in videogames looks really good, sad that they were never implemented
  2. I have to agree with people who like PoE balance more than IE-games balance, with (A)D&D rules you're always on the edge of making fatal mistake and rendering your character unusable, never liked that feeling of walking blindly in obscure mechanics trying to fit meta of this particular game. In PoE it is much harder to make broken character as most of the stats are straitforward(if you read the description)
  3. Twin elms was so late in the game and so after the level cap, that i was glad it was so short as completionist in me can't just skip quests. So there is an upside =)
  4. I do agree that usage of traps should be governed by amount of resources you have(i. e. trap items) and not by arbitrary trap limit But since economy in this game is in such a sad state(there is abudance of both gold and traps in vendor stock) putting an arbitrary limit to how many traps you can use at a time seems the only option to avoid traps becoming the one and only effective way of dealing with any opposition. So this limit looks like a hotfix that shouldn't be needed if traps were valueable resource in the first place. TL;DR : Game has problems that lead to necessity of trap limit
  5. What I don't need for Pillars of Eternity is catering for masses, cause we know where this road leads
  6. Russian is strong in this one I guess it is russian "Ботан" which quite accuratly translates to "nerd"
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