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Character can be stuck in Woodend Plains



In Woodend Plains, I got one of my character stuck between a tree and a cliff. It seems to be a collision issue, I don't know how he entered here in the first place. Here's a screenshot to illustrate the location. The character is Kana. I can provide a savefile if needed (just ask). It is not a big issue, I'm just reporting the bug. I can start again from the last autosave that occurred 3 minutes before.


Thanks for this awesome game!



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Thanks for the heads-up, Benlitz. I'll send a link to this to our QA and look into a fix for this particular issue.


Daemer, we've not seen a significant number of reports where party members get stuck. There are always console command solutions, of course, or turning off the comp without manually exiting the game :-


Still, given its reliability, I'd not be concerned about running into a possible issue (any that arise will get solved as we tackle them).



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