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As I've just finished the game on normal difficulty, I'm about to jump to hard now. But I want to switch to another class and I was wondering about your endgame (or whatever you are) party records to compare and help me decide which class should I go next



- Most enemies defetead

- Most total damage done

- Hightest single target damage

- Most crits

- Most hits

- Most damage taken

- Most times knocked out


In mine you could easily see that most of my battles were just Edér getting all the attention while Aloth dealt AoE.


I'd like to see some of yours as well :D


Mine: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7bfkkwubtpxdhzk/ending%20records.jpg?dl=0

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This is my monk.  This run was on hard so I had more enemies to destroy than you.  The custom portrait was inappropriate so I removed that part.  She basically solo kited the adra dragon to death yet it lists some other enemy as the strongest opponent defeated.  I have no idea how or when Hiravias hit something for 191 damage, lol.  The highest damage hit she did was with Torment's reach, I tested this a bit with dual wielding sabers and the crits jumped up into the 70-80 range.


Comparing the total damage to my other party members.


2nd place- Grieving mother -46379

3rd place- Hiravias -45154

4th place- Kana -28546

5th place- Eder -27434


Durance didn't do much damage and I switched him out a few times to do companion quests.  Should be noted I was micromanaging my main character a bit more than the others.




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Lol, I was level 11 and he killed my party with one hit too.. :(


I did not do his quest to give myself a starting advantage with the fight, and was not really prepared, I didn't feel like coming back later though so I kept at it until I found a way to win.  I separated Eder a bit from my party and had him initiate the conversation with the dragon so that when it turned hostile the breath attack would only hit Eder.  While the dragon was temporarily distracted (not for very long, poor Eder) I had the rest of my party rush by and slaughter the lizards, then I popped all my figurines in order to further distract the dragon while I killed off the other adds.  Getting this far successfully took several attempts.  After killing the adds I made a mistake and he fried my whole party except for my monk.  My monk kited him around for about an hour while shooting at him with a base accuracy hunting bow.  On hard he has about 140 defense, factoring in his fear aura put my hit rate around 12%, the hunting bow I was using usually hit him for 2-4 points of damage and applied a damage over time debuff on him.  I was never in any danger but it took forever, I was afraid after awhile that my character would get fatigued which would make my accuracy even worse, but she never did, lol.


I think a wood elf Paladin archer build could do the same tactic in a much much shorter time period (much less fear duration and sworn enemy accuracy buff), but next time I get to him I'm going to try some other strategies before I resort to that.

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