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hi, i'm really new to the game and i just got to raedric for the first time and i'm getting killed in a few hits. what level am i supposed to be to try and kill him?


by the way i'm a fire godlike monk, with the wizard dude, the ruffian from the tree in town, and the ugly guy with fiery staff. we're all level 4.


i'm running in easy mode so i'm pretty sure it's my noobness that's killing me.

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The way I did it is to initiated the conversation and then have my guys run down the stairs.  I had the same party composition on normal mode.  You could probably cheese positioning and stuff too, but I think you should be fine as long as you make it hard for the bad guys to bum rush you and flank everyone by sheer numbers.  With a monk and Edar you should be able to position Aloth to get in some good AoE spells and the priest can probably just concentrate on keeping folks on their feet.  Also, slowing the bad guys down and neutralizing the enemy caster can come in damned handy also.


EDIT:  Sorry, not the same group.  I had a wizard, not a monk, so a lot of AoEs, but someone considerably squishier.

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I hadn't killed him until I had a group of 6, and still the last fight was tough on normal. Level 6s I think. 


I cheesed the fight. 


The game is not supposed to be cleared in order I think, just move on to other areas until you get more levels and items and then revisit what you couldn't clear before.


The way I did it is to initiated the conversation and then have my guys run down the stairs. 



I couldn't even do that, they tagged at least one companion and killed him. 

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I had a hard time fightning him with a party of 4 levels 5. I would recommend you to just forget about it for a while and just get back when you have a stronger party level and gear wise. There's a lot of this in PoE in my opinion. Some guys are just to strong to fight them right away when you meet them.


Also, omgFIREBALLS gave you a really good advice :p

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Set traps and all your party besides tank downstairs around the corner of a column. Put trap there. stun them there in a pack. Aoe the hell out of them. Was a real faceroll tbh. :)


If your fighters have Lore 4-6 give them fan o f flames scrolls + shocking grasp and maybe lightning. Plate armor NPCs wear are susceptible to lightning dmg and all of them have low reflex save.

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I fought him with a party of five guys (pc + 4 standard companions).  When I walked up to the throne I looked around and knew immediately that the fight was doomed to go badly, so I ended up cheezing the fight.



I positioned the four NPC's (Eder, Kana, Durance, Aloth) in the room stage right, and then had my pc initiate the conversation.  The conversation went as expected, and combat began, whereupon my pc was almost instantly locked down and knocked out (I did try to run but I only managed to take like two paces).  Then the rest of the party proceeded to pull the enemies out of that room in three chunks, which was more manageable. So it was three tough fights that I won instead of one very nasty fight that I would not have one.  Yeah, my pc spent the whole battle unconscious, but her sacrifice was the key to victory.


If I were going to attempt that fight in earnest I'd want to be higher level and/or have 6 party members, possibly with two of them being custom tanky-type npcs.  Better players can probably do it with less, though.


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