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rogue: reckless assault bug?



hello, not sure which forum this should be in, apologies if it in the wrong forum

I have, i think, a bug with rogue, where reckless assault is stacking. Actually it is quite cool because she kills pretty much anything in one hit :D


screen shots below of multi effect of reckless assault and character sheet and negative deflection and insane dual wield damage. Happy to provide save game etc for diagnosis





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Please hotfix this in 1.04 if possible, my PC rogue's core ability is broken because of this and Reckless Assault icon never disappears from space next to his portrait (together with its effects).


Maybe set this ability to reset everytime after fight is over? That could fix it pretty easily, am I wrong?


I thought 1.03 would fix it but it's still the same as before:


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