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Question about task/quest "Ferry Flotsam"

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Hi, I have just come across this little quest and was wondering if it working as intended?...The Orlan(I think)woman asks you to go and check her ferry, and as you go down the oath you are attacked by two guys. Are they supposed to be hostile and attack on site with no dialogue? Seemed a bit odd to me as when you speak to the guys at the bottom they are clearly just two guys.


Or maybe I am missing something?



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There seems to be no way to resolve this without violence, as the two looters attack you right away. As in real life, people do stupid things that you have no control over, in this case, attacking a heavily armed and armored party that probably wasn't going to kill them in the first place.

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Well, they are not just "two guys" but are labelled as "Looters" - and they are hostile.


Those at the bottom are not immediately hostile, but become so if you attempt to take the cargo (loot).


The really bad thing is the negative hit to rep with Defiance one gets for helping the Merchant.  I would say a bug.

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Well, they are not just "two guys" but are labelled as "Looters" - and they are hostile..

Oh yeah, I know that, what I meant is that by talking to the others you find out that they are just two guys standing watch, and hardly likely to attack a group on site.... Well, if you believe their story I suppose.
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Did anyone realize that this is a Witcher reference?



What? How?


Because it uses the common english word Flotsam? 





 floating wreckage of a ship or its cargo; broadly :  floating debris
a :  a floating population (as of emigrants or castaways) <human flotsam>
b :  miscellaneous or unimportant material <a notebook filled with flotsam and jetsam>
c :  debris, remains <the village … built on the flotsam of war — Stan Sesser>
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