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Copperlan Catacombs. Unable to open secret room?



Been scratching my head about this for days but I can see there is a secret room off the first tomb on the right as you go up the stairs to the 4 tombs some with traps in them. I thought at first it was because I did not have a high enougoh mechanics score on any of my characters but now I have 8 mechanics and still not hidden switches are reveals. I encounted something like this before on level 5 of Od Nua where the secet switch was only visible after I read the (one and only scroll it seems) of Rite of Hidden Wonders. My main char has a perception of 16 as well. so I don't think it is that either.


Am I missing something is this room part of some hidden quest? Should I be talking to other people up top to unlock it? Any ideas?



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You can't get in from the catacombs side; it's related to another quest.



Incidentally, finding traps and hidden things is governed by mechanics, not perception.


Ahh that explains that then. Fairy nuff.. As to finding traps and hidden switches being dependant  on mechanics rather than perception seems to me that is a flaw. Perception ought to allow you to see traps and hidden things but won't let you disarm traps or open hidden things.


If I know there is a trap there I cannot disarm I can come back later and disarm it and gain some experience assuming it does not block my path.


Any clues as to where to pick up this other quest from? I suspect it is someone up top in Copperlane yes?



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