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As it goes with these types of games, almost the whole time on this playthrough I'm thinking of my party for the next playthrough.


My current party:

Me (Paladin) - Two hand

Eder (Fighter) - Sword and shield

Durance (Priest) - Staff

Custom (Rogue) - Crossbow

Kana (Chanter) - Pistol

Aloth (Wizard)


I like the balance of this party it kinda has a 2-1-3 line up i.e. Priest just behind 2 frontline dealing damage with long reach and 3 range. Wizards however seems a bit meh. So I'm considering not having a wizard next time.


Planned party for now:

Barbarian - Two handed weapon

Fighter - Two weapons

Priest - Flail/Mace and shield

Ranger - Bow

Chanter - Gun

Cipher (Me) - Also a gun?


What is the best weapon to use for a Cipher? Can a Cipher play the wizard role? Also considering replacing either the Barb or Fighter with a Monk.


Your thoughts...



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