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Stronghold - 1 practical improvement idea.

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There's plenty of people talking about this or that they dislike about the Stronghold. This is not one of those threads. This thread is for making this simple suggestion - make Stronghold building, hireling pay, etc all take turns. Or make everything that currently takes turns take time. Let's do away with this business of some Stronghold things taking turns and some taking time. It's confusing and counterintuitive. Just - use turns for everything (would probably work best) or use time for everything (would be better than current system at least).


There are plenty of things to gripe about if one so chooses with the Stronghold. I don't see the point in that. But this dual turn/time system is confusing and unintuitive - it needs to go. Would be a big QoL improvement to the Stronghold. As it is I have no idea if I should be resting for days to get everything built or waiting to do quests to save turns or what have you. It's stressful. :p

Just balance it for turns or time, then there's no confusion about if one is progressing at the right pace or not.

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How to improve it?


1) Have fights take place all over. Not always in the same room.

A proper siege with a proper army attacking, and not 5 skeletons!


2) Give buildings proper functions. Not the stupid rest bonuses.

Training grounds - all your hirelings get a might buff

Tower - removes fog of war or adds a ballista or something

Hedge Maze - all enemies start slowed?


3) The ability to rest from the main grounds, wihtout having to suffer troug 4 loading screens as you go into the building, to the top floow, rest, go down, go out.


4) Genereally more life to it. Invite people to your stronghold

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Chuck Norris was wrong once - He thought HE made a mistake!


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