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Bug: Stronghold Hirelings & Guests attack Hero & party on sight



I have a bug within my game. When I enter my Stronghold Keep, all of the NPCs inside (Hirelings, guests, merchant) are immediately hostile against my hero & party and will attack on sight, forcing me to kill them all. 


I suspect this is because one of them died in my last stronghold defense manual resolve. I cannot directly confirm that because after I completed that resolve I did not enter the keep again until many hours (and a full game chapter) later. 


This is incredibly annoying, prevents access to the merchant, and results in a loss of Stronghold prestige when I am forced to murder the guests.


I am posting a link to my save file and output log (in zip file) that can be used to reproduce this behavior. I wanted to attach this file directly to this post, but it tells me the file is too big (500KB limit).




The patch level of my game is v1.0.3.0526 (steam).


I have used the forum search feature and found a couple other posts describing this behavior, but without any save files uploaded. Also, nobody has responded to those posts since 3/31.





I found a similar but slightly different post at:



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I have had the same issue. I ran the battle manually a few times, trying to prevent any AOE attacks and it still happened. I also think that casting any spell that both helps allies and harms enemies causes them to be harmed and turn hostile.

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I thought it was AoE as well but even with new hirelings it won't change. I've had them start at green and turn red during a defend. Another one they were red from the start and another time I just visited the keep and one of the hirelings was red to me.


It's by no means game breaking just annoying.

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am not sure what battle we had that involved accidental injuring a hireling with an aoe, but it were a LONG ways back in our gameplay.  the thing is, any guest or hireling that would normally spawn in the main keep now becomes hostile.  even worse, the special guests is immortal.  even after killing the dunryd (sp?) psion a dozen times, every time we re-enter the keep, the psion is present and hostile.  we can fire most hirelings and enter the keep to get to the prison or wherever, but am getting tired of having to kill the psion all the time, and am pretty much certain that manual resolution o' stronghold attacks must end for us.


a 1.05 fix?  


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So this bug is not caused by damaging an NPC.  It's actually far more insidious than that.


No, this bug is caused by "entering melee engagement" with them.  What does that mean?  Just pass too close to them.  It'll set them all off and you'll be forced to play murderball.


They need to be coded as allies through and through.

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