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I have to admit that Durance was easily my favorite companion. Deep, charismatic, haunting, abusive and most importantly memorable. It seems to me that he was given way more lore and love than the other companions. I felt a bit sad when I read that he burned to death.


So, I guess this is just a shout-out to the writer. Given the scope of the game I was pretty impressed.

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The spoiler tags are not meant for the non-spoiler forums so what would you propose their use is then? I think it's perfectly reasonable to expect people to put spoiler tags around end-game content details when the topic is as vague as the name of a character. If the topic was "Durance end-game discussion" then I wouldn't have asked for the spoiler tag because the topic title would have warned me.


Just because it's a spoiler-ok forum does not mean everyone reading this forum wants to see everything spoiled automatically. Have some care for more sensitive topics. That is exactly what the spoiler tag is for.

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But it's a possible outcome. I just thought it would be courteous to hide end-game content behind a spoiler tag if the topic isn't clearly end-game related.


While this is a spoiler-friendly sub-forum, most of the users coming here are probably not looking to find out endgame content, and seeing a thread titled "Durance", who you get fairly early on in the game, and then the first thing in that thread is endgame content is a bit disconcerting.

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