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Max might and dexterity. The rest of the stats mostly don't matter, but don't dump intelligence. Be a wood elf for the ranged accuracy bonus or aumaua/dwarf for the might bonus. Take Swift Aim for guns, Vicious Aim for bows. Gunner if you need it. Marksman, Swift and Steady, Weapon Focus, and Driving Flight are all useful.

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You can go different paths with ranger :

Wood Elf Marksman or Island Aumaua Gunner , if going wood elf then build to use bows and pick talents accordingly , if going Island Aumaua get Quick Switch talent at lvl 2 and later get 4th weapon slot talent and then gunner talent after that and switch between your guns after every atack untill you use 3 of them then keep firing with the fastest one , you also can use arbalests and crossbows for this build early when you lack guns . Animal Companions doesnt really matter at harder difficulties pick the one you like the most imo ( i go lion or bear most often ). For attributes as mentioned in post above Might and Dexterity is the key , so max them - perception gives u interrupt's and nothing else , Intelect gives you aoe dmg for 1 skill and some Will = Both are nothing good so choose 1 of thease stats and max it dont spread between those 2( 1 maxed other at minimum ) , and then spread whats left between constitution and resolve as a ranger you dont need neither of those too much if you play it right but some defenses is never bad 

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