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I can toggle to Weapon Set III, even though it is locked on the inventory screen



Bug as of 4/6/2015 (after installing the recently released patch).  I downloaded the game from GOG and just downloaded the patch off of GOG and installed it.


After the patch, when I click on my currently equipped weapon to toggle between weapon sets, I can toggle to weapon set III even though weapon set III is locked on the inventory screen.  I should not be able to toggle to weapon set III.


Since weapons set III is locked on the inventroy screen, I cannot put any weapons in weapon set III, so when the glitch occurs and allows me to toggle to weapon set III, it just shows a fist.  This bug was not present prior to the most recent patch.  I was playing a human Chanter when I noticed the bug (in case that matters at all).


I cannot toggle to weapon set IV (which is correct, since weapons set IV is locked).

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Same here, i think it actually causes some bugs in combat as i have experienced (post still pending).


It made me incapable of acting in combat, which on an ironman run can be pretty frustrating.


Even after finally cheesing the fight (Kana lord of a thousand skeletons had to finish the fight with non stop skeletons assaulting the enemy).

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The reason I assumed it was a bug was because #1 weapon set III is blocked in the inventory screen and #2 this didn't happen prior to the most recent patch.


I am fairly certain this is a bug and not intended, though it is certainly a minor bug.

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