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  1. Just to make sure: Patch 3.08 is coming to GOG as well, correct??
  2. The reason I assumed it was a bug was because #1 weapon set III is blocked in the inventory screen and #2 this didn't happen prior to the most recent patch. I am fairly certain this is a bug and not intended, though it is certainly a minor bug.
  3. Bug as of 4/6/2015 (after installing the recently released patch). I downloaded the game from GOG and just downloaded the patch off of GOG and installed it. After the patch, when I click on my currently equipped weapon to toggle between weapon sets, I can toggle to weapon set III even though weapon set III is locked on the inventory screen. I should not be able to toggle to weapon set III. Since weapons set III is locked on the inventroy screen, I cannot put any weapons in weapon set III, so when the glitch occurs and allows me to toggle to weapon set III, it just shows a fist. This
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