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PC Gamer: "There's two kind of new ones (classes), the Cipher and the Chanter classes. What in particular inspired these classes, or where did you kind of get those concepts from?"


Feargus Urquhart: "I think the Chanter in particular came from this idea of, a lot of people love playing Bard. And often the implementation of Bard in games is, they're a great idea but they kinda suck?"



Feargus....Chanters suck.  They are too slow to ramp up in the game you have created, their chants until late level do virtually nothing, their invocations are strong but hardly ever used by 90% of the player base (I'm going out on a limb and saying MOST players don't touch PotD). INT doesn't effect chant duration. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think if you make a Chanter that isn't a tank; put 1's in all the attribute slots and you won't notice much of a difference.

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I'm playing on Hard and I find Kana to be useful. Yeah, he feels a little weak like the bards in BG did, and I think they could use some buffs in the way songs stack and invocations build up - but I get a lot of use out of his summons and DR reduction/paralyze invocations.


Just some tweaks on the chants and maybe have them build up slightly faster and they'll be really great.


The one thing I think they're missing at the lower level is some simple buff chants that up your DR/deflection/whatever a little bit.

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I think the Chanter would benefit greatly from a more flexible point system.


Some weaker, 2 point Invocations would help immensely, even if they are less powerful than summoning a Phantom. If anything, it would give the very passive Chanter something to do on those quickie fights.


They also have no talent support to improve their mechanic. Ciphers can improve their focus gain, casters have access to talents that help spell use, monks have a talent to increase Wound generation, Chanters have nothing.

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