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Bug fixes are fine but is there a chance we'll have gameplay balances too?



I know bug fixes (expecially gamebreaking ones) are the priority and i'm fine with that, but now that major bugs are fixed, i wonder if we'll see some heavy balance tweak like xp gain, enemies stats, difficulties rebalance and other stuff like this.


There are a lot of propositive criticisms out there (both official and other forums) and i wonder if developers are looking at


The game is really good and it has a solid base, so those things are mandatory for having a perfect product

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they've already included balance changes in the very first patch.


arbalests got nerfed, slick got nerfec, ice cloud got nerfed....

I actually disagree with you. I think they need to get the serious bugs ironed out FIRST, and then worry about nerfing/buffing things.

as it is, they are breaking things as fast as they fix them, so they need to slow the hell down, get a grip on proper testing of each bug fix, and release a proper patch in a couple of weeks.

if you don't like the balances after a month, likely someone will have already made mods to adjust to taste.


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