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[BUG][1.03] Negative status effect stays on permanently





PROBLEM: My main character has a permanent negative status effect Blindness even after the fight ended and after I tried save/load or restart the game.


HOW IT HAPPENED: During fight vs named Drake in cave in Searing Falls I used an item called Ring of Unshackling during combat (ring casts Suppress Affliction spell). After combat I noticed this negative effect was still next to my main character picture. 



This is the download link to screenshot of the problem (I tried to attach it using this forum function but it would not work):



Or to see image directly:




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I've got apparently the same problem. The Blindness status effect stays on my main character after combat without any timer. Although it seems to be just a GUI glitch and is not affecting my stats. In the combat I used the Supress Affliction ability of the main char, which might be the culprit here.


Here is a save right after the battle:



And this is one from not so long before:



Hope that helps.

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