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[Crafting] Enchant does not take replaceable Quality modifiers when checking remaining enchants points



Basically, depending on the order you set your enchants, you can reach a point where you will be stuck with 2 remaining points out of 12, even if the remaining enchant would replace an existing one (i.e. : the Quality)

Some enchants being replaceable by a better one, this should be taken into account regarding remaining points on an object.




My repro uses Resolution (unique Sabre)




It comes with 6 points used.

Annihilation (2)


Fine (2) - replaceable


"Wrong" Order:

-set Secondary Damage (2 points)

-set a Slaying - non Kith (2 points)

-you end up with 10/12, and you cannot replace Fine (2) with Exceptional (4), even if the real cost of Exceptional is (2) (Exceptionnal replacing Fine).




"Right" order:

-set Exceptional first (actual cost: 2)

-you now have 8/12 points used

-set Secondary Damage (2)

-set a Slaying - non kith modifier (2)

-have a 12/12 weapon





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