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[Bug]Ranger's Talents are not showing correctly



Neither the talent "Merciless Companion" nor the talent "Vicious Companion" shows in character's Talents after you picked.

I picked both of them, and none of them show in character's Talents but only "Vicious Companion" shows in animal companion's Active Effects.

These talents both should be showing in character's Talents or animal companion's Active Effects, I mean both of them.


And the talent "Merciless Companion" is still active even if it can't be found anywhere.


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These Talents will only show in animal companion's Active Effects:

Vicious Companion

Faithful Companion

Resilient Companion


The Talent will neither show in animal companion's Active Effects nor in character's Talents.

Merciless Companion


I think all of the Talents should be showing in character's Talents.

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Well I think the problem is that those talents are considered as the Companions talents, and are activated directly on the Ranger's companion. Sadly in the character info, companion talents aren't shown, the section is missing, hence you cannot find and inspect those after u take them.


Easy way around would be to show companions talents in the character sheet in the same way as its abilities are shown and the whole mess would be solved with minimal effort.

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