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Brutal Takedown does not show up in Takedown's right-click description or my character screen




I level up my Ranger and pick Brutal Takedown. When I hit 'C' to view my character's profile, I do not see it on her profile screen. If I select my Wolf Companion and right-click on Takedown to read its description, the 20 Crush Damage buff is not listed. From looking at the combat logs the 20 Crush Damage does appear to be mentioned though.



1. Load my save file.

2. Pause the game.

3. Level up MC.

4. Set Mechanics from 7 to 8. Go to the next page.

5. Select Brutal Takedown and complete the level up process.

6. Hit 'C' to access the character screen. Brutal Takedown is not mentioned anywhere.

7. Select your Wolf Companion and right-click on Takedown. Brutal Takedown is not mentioned anywhere.

8. Unpause. There should be a Huntress walking around. She won't die immediately so use Takedown on her and check the combat log. Assuming it's hit, 10 Crush Damage (Pierce) or 20 Crush Damage (Hit) will be mentioned correctly.


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