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Human Skeletons!

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Hi, frist of all, my english is not very good so be patient D:
The bug is simple, for some reason, a docens of " Human Skeletons " are all over every map i visit.
-They stand there doing NOTHING
-They are friendly and have really low resistence and hit like 0,5-3
-They start atacking any enemy of my party when they see it
-When they are killed, they lay in the floor till the combat ends, then they stand up and their resistence is fully recovered.


---  SPOILER --- 

-They are really useless, cose they atack, dont do dmg, put my melee on LoS and pull everything i see as an enemy, even if its out of range. They buged my a quest ( thats why im posting it ) and i cant get out of the " Hospital " in the city  without loosing all my reputation cose when i went to the lower floor and discovered what happened, they start atacking the guards ( i donno why ) and they becomed enemies, i think its becouse of that, i donno, even if its not, they r realy bug and i donno where they ve appeared. 



The " Human skeletons " first appeared when i entered caed lua for the first time and i though it was part of it... but then appeared in the city / dungeons / caves / everywhere.

here is a screen, is like this in all the map and the others too: http://steamcommunit...s/?id=420296358

Tnks for reading!




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I've been having this bug myself, they haven't been appearing all over the place but there is always a group of three somewhere on the map.  I suspect this may have something to do with Kana since they didn't start appearing until after I picked him up and used his summon skeletons chanter spell, which summons them in a group of three (which is the number they appear in).  Could it be that it is respawning a group of skeletons I had summoned and still had around when I left a map?

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