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Please add an UI ability to name enchanted gear/Order item stats so they are easier to scan

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I have a few weapon sets' worth of gear in my party inventory and I've enchanted weapons with the purpose to use them against specific types of enemies - undead, kith, etc.


I really like the flexibility of the enchantments system although I would have preferred it was constrained to areas/places where the player would able to use that function. Currently the system is open to exploitation - I can scout an area with my rogue, then enchant my weapons to fit the enemies I've spotted. If enchanting was limited by the party having to be in a certain area (a smith/a magic shop) in order for enchanting to be possible, I think this would have added some needed complexity to the decision whether or not to enchant a piece of gear.


However, my main problem is that after you've enchanted a few weapons it gets progressively difficult to tell which weapon is which without reading through the stats, which continue to be badly organized graphically in the description window. I've written about this at least twice before the game's release. The stats need to be ordered in such a way so that the player can easily scan them vertically and only read horizontally the line that he/she was looking for while scanning vertically. I'm not much of a designer, but I thought that was obvious.


Additionally I'd prefer if stats were underneath the text but whatever.


Now I am aware of a possible reason why stats are not ordered clearly in the Description window because I witnessed a bug during the beta where stats that were too long were breaking through the description window background. Apparently the game's description windows are with fixed height. I think this itself needs addressing.


A quick way to remedy the disorderly stats list for items would be to allow players to edit the names of items. This way I can call my sword that has an accuracy bonus against undead "Sword against Undead" and avoid reading the stats every time. I don't know if this wouldn't cause difficulties with savegames though, but it's better than the current situation - no naming of items, difficult to read descriptions.

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