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Fists with dual wield weapon talent and the damage pen talent as well. Level 4.


I heard that Monk fists scale with level so I assume I'm just not high enough level yet to see this?


There's a talent you can check called Transcendent Suffering. @ Level 4 you should be at rank 2 of it giving you some accuracy and damage.


Still, melee weapons are just better. I would try 2x Maces, Spears, or Sabres of Fine or better quality perhaps and see if your results turn out better. 


Also, Turning Wheel + Swift Strikes + Lightning Strikes add a decent amount of elemental damage to your attacks. For a dual wield monk it's probably a good idea to get those two abilities and talent.

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I strongly recommend that you take Vulnerable Attack.  The effect is -20% recovery speed and 5 DR reduction (so you attack a little slower but your enemy's damage reduction is treated as if it is 5 points lower).  It is modal so you can turn it off against low DR enemies.

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