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Cant set more than 1 trap (fix plz)

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Made this account to chime in on this topic.  I also thought spamming traps in BG2 was overpowered, but I liked the idea of it as an available strategy for starting a fight.  I like that they are restricted now, but restricting it to one trap per character seems too harsh in the other direction.  I think this should be patched somehow.


Spitballing: It's been suggested that more traps can be placed with higher level mechanics.  This seems like a solid easy solution.  Another way might be to allow higher level mechanics to place a larger total power level of traps.  Another restriction could be to give every trap an outer yellow aoe ring and each additional trap's yellow ring must overlap with a previous trap's yellow ring but no trap's inner red circle can ever overlap with another red circle -- you're still making just one trap, it's just more elaborate and requires more space.


tl;dr: Unlimited traps is bad.  Only one trap per character is bad.  Current state of traps: bad.

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Totally agree. I am collecting traps for hard fight and if one comes . . . only a single one can be used. Maybe selling them is a better use . . .


I understand the balancing problem with unlimited traps, but increasing the number to two/3/4 with increasing Mechanics skill would be fine!

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Actually, you can have multiple traps these days. There is a limit of one trap per character, but every character can have one so you get up to six. Trap accuracy will of course vary across characters, and is computed similar to spell accuracy:


ACC = (base accuracy) + (perception bonus) + (4 x level - 3) + (3 x mechanics) - (2 x trap accuracy penalty).


Like spell accuracy it is also affected by general accuracy bonuses/penalties, including shields (slightly weird, I know). This is evaluated at the time the trap goes off, it isn't fixed when the trap is set. But as you can see mechanics is hardly the only factor in accuracy, and the character with the highest mechanics is not necessarily going to have the highest trap accuracy. Note that as shown the trap accuracy penalty actually seems to be twice as high as their descriptions claim.


A peculiar exception is the poison dart trap, which during my experimentations just now showed a massive +41 on top of the ACC as computed above (ie. rather than a -30 penalty it has a +11 bonus). This actually makes it potentially quite useful, since it attacks against Deflection and causes Weakened status, thus resulting in a potent Fortitude (and Will) debuff that doesn't actually target Fortitude itself (whereas usually Weakened effects and other Fortitude debuffs do seem to target Fortitude). Not sure whether there are other traps with this kind of accuracy boost, though I assume this is just a bug of some kind.


Finally, though you can have multiple traps they can't overlap. If you do place one on top of the other the older trap is automatically disarmed and returned to inventory. Traps can also not overlap with Seals, though a character can have both a trap and a seal active. 


Anyway, since this thread resurface I thought I'd share some trap trivia :).


Edit: oh, and trap damage is of course affected by Might as well, so the ideal trapper is probably a high Might, high Perception rogue not using a shield; or a similar fighter with Disciplined Barrage active, of course.

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Thanks for clarifying, valuable information. But hitting (good) might be a problem though. Aloth for example often misses with his spells (Aloth: 39 primary accuracy at level 4) and my Mechanics-Char is also the one with the highest primary accuracy and therefore i would loose 23 Accuracy which seems to be a waste of the traps (Aloth is my second best character for traps right now). Anyway, i will test it.


However, if there already is the option for several traps, then i'd like to emphasis again that i would really appreciate to have a group wide limit and not a character bound one.

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Hey (you bunch of 'wicked sick' gamers)

Sometimes I can set 2 traps before the first one disappears, but I have no idea how. So most of the time its one trap.


I don't like that. I want to be able to use all my traps in one encounter If I'd wanted. Whadaya all think?

Read this post for a little while and wanted to give a solid answer to the op. Each character can lay down a single trap. These traps however cannot be placed on top of each other. If any part of your 'trap AoE' is touching an already placed trap one of them will despawn.


Hope this helps


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