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I just got the spell today, and I've used it a couple times to good effect. However, it DEFINITELY hits allies. I've knocked a few of my own party out with it.


But from the spell text: The target is hit with a Stuck affliction and becomes an anchor for a frigid ray of energy from the wizard that does Freeze damage to enemies in its path.


Is this actually how it's supposed to work? I'm going to remove it from my memorized spells for now--there's no way in the world to avoid hitting your own party with it without leaving the wizard out to hang.

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It seems like a bug, it should only be enemies.  Also I hate this spells range, Any spell that does dmg close to Druid requires you to be a bit too close for comfort :(


Also neither this or the big cone frost spell seem to benefit from Secrets_of_Rime....what the heck

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