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Doors can't be targeted



I've noticed an issue that seems to have only just appeared with the latest patch where certain doors are either extremely difficult or downright impossible to target.  In certain cases, the cursor doesn't change to the door icon unless all party members are standing as close as they can to it and the camera is positioned just so.  In other cases, the icon just never displays and I can't open the door.


I mention the new patch as my suspected culprit because I'm playing through the game with 2 different characters roughly at the same time and when I went through the area I'm having trouble with the first time (Raedric's castle), there were no door issues to speak of.


Anyone else having problems like this?


Also, holy crap holy crap holy crap holy crap this game is freaking awesome


Also again - screw shades forever...

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Also again - screw shades forever...


I uh. I'm not sure if you want help here. But I had a *LOT* more luck vs shades when I boosted my accuracy a bit on my dps characters, and improved my tactics a tiny bit - maintaining a good frontline makes a HUGE difference. (You can do it in a way that your casters won't aggro the Shades if you send your tanks ahead and out of sight range of the Shades.)


Pretend everything I just said was brilliant.

Now stop pretending you have to pretend.

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