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I'm just starting to play this game and I got to the first place I can actually sell off some stuff. But I'm a hoarder as I like to do crafting and things like that. What stuff should I sell, what should I keep and use?


Most importantly I've already got a dozen or so extra weapons or sets of armor, those I can see are going to add up very quickly if I don't sell them. But I see some weird lore thing where it almost seems like the game wants me to collect 12 of each item to learn about it or something? Should I just sell this stuff off?



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Sell sell sell it all must go 1 day only (+ if you need it later you can just buy it back or find more). 


I'd hang onto all the crafting mats if you're going to try crafting. 

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Sell everything you don't use.


That lore thing is probably bestiary. There is no kill XP, instead you gain XP by collecting information about enemies. After encountering one type several times, it fills up the info and you can't gain any more XP from fighting it.

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The "X of it to learn about it" is for killing creatures: For the first encounters with a specific creature, you'll get XP while learning about its weaknesses and characteristics. You can check your progress in the Journal/Cyclopedia/Bestiary section. After you've encountered enough enemies of one type (not sure about the exact number), you don't get XP from them, any more.

That doesn't apply to items, materials or anything else.


I'd also recommend keeping most enchanting materials. After you've gathered 60 Xaurip tongues, you could probably sell some of them as you're unlikely to use them all - if you're really strapped for cash.

Regarding weapons and armour, sell what you don't need. I for one tend to keep named (i.e. unique) items, but it's not necessary.

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