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Pillars of Fath spell broken?



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Hey everybody, thank you for your feedback. The team is aware of this issue. We have a hunch that using an ability as a cutscene starts or as the game saves may cause it to remain in the activated state, but we are unsure if there are other ways this issue may arise. If anybody has any other ideas or 100% reproducible steps, it could help us pin-point the issue and find a solution. Thank you!

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In another one of these threads, someone brought up that they used it on a target that died before it went off and combat ended. Might've been a fight that ended in a cutscene or save though?

Yea, I think somebody posted something like that with the Into the Fray ability, so I'm investigating that along with the confuse, charm, and dominate afflictions. Thank you for the heads-up!

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