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Hi guys.


I was really happy when I saw the patchnote yesterday 'cause a lot of small bugs have been corrected.


Unfortunately, I have the feeling that the way the game has been rebalanced killed the early game for Solo players trying to achieve the game in PotD.


- Arbalest damages have been reduced. Not the biggest problem but still the Good Quality Arbalest we could get at the compass is now not that intresting and useful anymore.


- The Deception (First hidden gun that we can have during the tutorial) is now sold at the npc's for 40pc instead of 210: Impossible to afford the belt of DR anymore early game


- The Anima trinket costs now 6000 pc instead of 600 pc. Nothing more to add.



It was already extremely hard to manage to gather enough exp and try to resolve the quests before going to Baldur's gate.. I mean Defiance Bay even with those tiny advantages, now I don't even see how in the world it is possible.


If some of you tried the PotD in solo and actually could manage to compensate those nerfs in a way or another, please explain. I'm a bit confused.


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The patch also doubled the XP bonus from playing solo from 25% to 50% (as I understand it), so that probably compensates somewhat for it.

Yea my exp gain is identical to before the patch, the only difference is that im a beggar who cant afford the items i need to win. I mean really? it feels like they saw people having fun soloing and said nah **** you guys, you play it our way not yours, i mean there are so many other things they should have balanced over things that only really affect solo players.I mean as a team of 6 animat is in no way worth 6000 gold, i certainly wouldnt consider buying it for that price. The only reason Im saving up for it now is because I need it to defend myself from the stunlock phantoms, another huge design flaw imo. I mean phantom fights are the stupidest, most boring fights ive had in any game ever. I can tank them for about 5 minutes but im stunned for about 99% of those five minutes. There is no strategy to it, no tactics unless you wanna exploit so what is the point in it? 


There is a line between frustrating and challenging, pre patch solo PoTD was fun and challenging, now its just a grind where you have to min max absolutely everything and even then if RNG doesnt like you prepare to watch your toon stand there like an idiot not doing anything. I was quite solidly against exploits and killing npcs etc but not I basically have to. this patch is terrible.


(also te patch notes said solo play would be receiving a bonus for 5% to 10% can anyone tell me what that actually means because it 100% is NOT exp gain.....)

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